We started 48 years ago. Our goal has always been to offer to the market a wide range of economic and quality products with applications in the field of construction.

Year after year the product range and the species we sell enriched, so now we have a variety of materials, depending on the requirements of the times.

Since 1992, we expanded the scope of business and proceeded to a patent, the production of barbecue briquettes from olive pips and other heating products from the kernel of the olive fruit.

European Business Awards 2014/15

EBA National Champion

We competed with 24,000 companies from 33 European countries and managed to be in the 709 best ones excelled with the title National Champion for the year 2014-2015.


New European distinction award

The only Greek company that managed to win for second time after 2009, the first prize in the European EMAS AWARDS 2014.


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