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KLIMIS is an EREK SME Champion for 2019

The EREK International Conference 2019- Make it happen with Resource Efficiency!, took place in Brussels on 25/26 September 2019 at the BEL Conference Centre.

The event attracted more than 250 participants from various European countries, representatives of the European Commission, public bodies at the national and regional level, members from academia, industry and business associations and SMEs.

The EREK international conference demonstrated how successful businesses and industries seek resource efficient solutions, collaborate in a circular and social economy, and pursue digitalisation to gain a competitive edge.

In the session “Do Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency pay off?”, Nasos Makios, Marketing & Environmental Manager of the company talked about the way we produce our barbecue briquettes, how we use in efficient way our resources and implement circular economy in our production process. At the end we were awarded from Dr. Ulla Engelmann-DG GROW, European Commission Head of Unit Advanced Technologies, Clusters and Social Economy as an EREK SME Champion for 2019.

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