In agriculture, the lime CaO is used mainly as a fertilizer for adjusting the acidity (pH) of the soil.

For the production of agricultural lime the baked limestone coming out of our oven(kiln) processed in order to get the lime dust or we pack it in the format of stone.

It has been found that the use of agricultural lime to olive trees and generally in acid soils has the below results:

  • prevent attack from fungus and diseases
  • to neutralize acidic soils
  • to increase the soil productivity
  • and restores the production to acres

The agricultural lime because it is alkaline, ie have a pH greater than (7) seven, is applied to acidic soils and as a result neutralized them.
For proper use of agricultural lime you should always consult your arborist.

Also used to treat the increased acidity of the soil caused by excessive fertilizer use, leaching of soils due to high rainfall and intensive cultivation of the fields.
It has been found that in the areas where adding agricultural lime applied mentioned substantial increase in yield per hectare for all types of crops.
In livestock used for disinfecting and deodorizing animal living spaces (stalls, pens etc.).

The agricultural lime powder or stone is available mainly in plastic packaging. lime skoni1

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