A new revolutionary product for heating arrived in the market of green fuel.
The Logs produced by olive pips with polygonal shape with a hole along their axes.
It is suitable for stoves, wood boilers, pyrolisis boilers and fireplaces.

It is:
100% natural product made from olive pips
Free of chemicals
High heating power of 4520kcal/kg

The product is distributing in the market packaged in carton boxes of 10Kg.

Instructions for use and cooking

burningbriqWe don't use kindling to ignite our olive barbecue briquettes.

We create a pyramid of olive barbecue briquettes and at the center of the base we place a piece of cotton. We moistened it with alcohol and put fire on it using a lighter. The only flame and smoke that will appear is coming from the burning cotton.

Alternative way to ignite them is to insert a few Klimis briquettes into a Charcoal Chimney or use an Electronic Charcoal Starter.

The  olive barbecue briquettes will start to turn red, getting the grey color of ash and emit heat without showing fire and smoke as the classic wood charcoal and immediately we can cook if they all light up. To run the process of spreading the fire to all briquettes we can blow using for example a cardboard, a magazine, etc.

Klimis barbecue briquettes is uniformly in small shape. So, we don't need to break it. Simply spread on the surface that we want to have a fire to cook.

Finally, they don't need to be moved all the time. We just have to move some briquettes when we want to shift the intensity of fire in some places where we need to have more or less intensity of fire.


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