VAS. & EK. KottaridI GP with the distinctive title "KLIMIS" is a family company located in Kalamata since 1968.

We produce lime products and dealing with the trade of building materials, and from 1992 we produce and distributing in the market an innovative product for barbecue, the KLIMIS olive barbecue briquettes and other heating products produced from olive pips.

Founder of the company and initiator of the idea of ​​olive barbecue briquettes was Mr. Klimis Klimentidis (1912-1999), a refugee in Messinia from Izmit Istanbul and now the successors of company continues to this day his successfully work.

We also produce lime powder (called agricultural lime) by processing the limestone used to lubricate and disinfect areas under cultivation, livestock and section mills and lime pulp used in construction sectror.

Finally, our company sells wide range of building materials available for both wholesale and retail in many packages.

Our efforts to improve and monitor changes in our field are continuous and we always seek prompt service and customer satisfaction.

Based on the principles that govern us, responsibility, honesty, professionalism and love for the work we do hope to prompt service and customer satisfaction by building new partnerships.

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